‘Practice makes perfect’, in this case, persistence is the means in making work efficient as time passes by. Some had it in a blink of an eye but for others, it takes dunks and setbacks used as tools for skills to enhance. One might take a few turns before final directions came at play but what matters in the long run, is the drive to achieve premium satisfaction in offering services that gage self-fulfillment of one’s work in each opportunity. 

Started his first biff on architecture at Palafox Associates in Manila, a multi-disciplinary firm where expertise mainly lies on Architecture, Urban Planning, Town Planning, Site Planning, Engineering, Interior Design, and all other Project Development Studies, Architect Jason Chua saw first hand the demands of his field at the top flight. His experience brought him a wide understanding and tempered his expectations toward his journey ahead. From there, the exposure led Jason to come home and venture into freelancing. A few projects that were mostly from friends of the family were his first commenced takes on his new rove in his profession. The architect admitted that he was not closely adept at his works at that time hence, he was more geared in master planning large scale developments compared to smaller and architectural in nature projects he was receiving during his independence.

Attempts never came at a smooth pace for Jason, the first few years were in the midst of trial and error but his clients saw his sincerity to do well in his craft. Now, Jason is the head of Visionary Studio Architects in Cebu. He learned from his shortcomings, charged it to experience and made sure to only make mistakes once. Though it may sound like he is somewhat establishing a tight allowance in the process, this is a trait that he still tries to impart on his team today. The diligence of the architect paid off as he was starting to improve and new projects were coming in. Jason found his takeaways along with the transactions and that is the immense passion for design and the sincerity for quality work that ultimately led him to where he is now today. 

As a professional who transforms ideas into a concrete vision and bringing it into reality, Jason has been experimenting on a wide variety of concepts that ultimately help form their succeeding projects. Although without a specific specialization, the architect is just grateful for the opportunities to design for residential, commercial, institutional and hospitality. In every project, Jason foresees functionality and aesthetic appeal should have equal weight. This challenges every architect to create more innovative solutions that address both factors. 

Jason usually starts their service by acquiring the client’s brief for the project, conducting an ocular inspection of the site to better understand the conditions of the property. Aside from the aforementioned, there will also be thorough research, consultations with government agencies, fuse the group’s design values, and then start to formulate a design concept that responds and adapts to the requirements for completion. He also added that the whole process is relatively organic and the design just continues to evolve as the project moves along. As for design inspirations, Jason shared that it tends to present itself naturally as the projects develop. It may come from research, lessons learned from the previous work, travel abroad or in most cases, from the site and its surrounding context, after all, the avenues to find ideas are just limitless. 

In terms of dealing with the clients, the architect sees his patrons as “partners” and not “bosses” which is mostly the common set up in services. Jason thinks the distinction should be pointed out as both professionals and clients alike to misconstrue the nature of the working relationship. There always has to be a certain amount of giving and take with the willingness to listen to what the other party is trying to convey. “If we perceive the dynamic to be this way, we can fully share our knowledge and expertise with them,” said Jason. He further explained that the tactic enables their clients to make sound and well-informed decisions that are greatly beneficial in the project and its end users. 

Being one of the professionals who takes part under realty services, Architect Chua sheds his tips for future homebuyers. According to Jason, one must try to have a reasonable budget in mind in advance for one’s architect to craft design strategies just around the given budget. When it comes to selecting design professionals, it’s also important to look at the portfolio of the people one is considering, the work that they produce for a homeowner will opt to be similar to their past output and it has to be a design that one like and can relate to. One tip that Jason would like to illiterate is that cheaper is not necessarily better. Jason elucidated that buying an existing home always asks for built-in plans from the previous owner and this will make a lot easier if one decides to do some renovations in the future. One should consider the fact that one might be living in the house for the rest of one’s life and investing in quality materials, furniture and fixtures will save one from hazard costs. 

Real estate Philippines is on its booming season but Architect Chua with his forte in house designs said that one should also be vigilant in terms of how one invests one’s hard-earned money as status and conditions may change anytime. He suggests trying investing in quality projects by high-caliber developers and professionals as those projects will retain more value over a longer period.

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